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Squid Ldap Authentication Module

Now version 2 with command line operators and faster smaller version

This is an external LDAP authentication program for Squid.
  • Can be used to authenticate active directory
  • It works on the command line for easy configuration and testing
  • It is also a good example of an external authenticator for squid
  • Used to control access through the proxy server
  • Used to monitor usage of internet access
Download :- Ldap Auth Program
Example config :-

authenticate_program "/squid/bin/ldap_auth -h -b 'o=surf,c=uk' -a 'dn' -p 389 " and the acls.
Options :-
specifys the host running ldap on

port number which the ldap server is running on

the base dn to add to any name

the attribute that is used for cn

Any suggestions please mail simon