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Visual Perl QT

For my final year project at uni I created a Rapid application developemnt tool in PerlQt by which is avialable from any CPAN site. It require Perl obviously and QT which is by Troll Tech. I have some UML object models lying around for it and please read the file bugs for a list of bugs and enhancements for ideas for expansion.

It is quite rudimentary at this moment in time there is much expansion that can be done to it. At the moment the program spawns of a /bin/vi editor in a xterm (need to change that) but hey this is a very very early version. There is a simple calculator example (yeah I know about the bugs in it)

If anyone likes it give us a mail. Im thinking of putting it on sourceforge but In the 3 years or so it has been up here no one has showen any intrested :(. I think it really needs some docs. Basically It allows you to place widgets at to then attach funcation calls to the various events that may happen to that widget. The program needs a little bit of work to expand it and make it more friendly , but It is quite nice OO perl and can be extened easily.
If you want to do something with it or think I should but it on source forge MAIL ME simon@surf.org.uk

Download source for VisualPerlQt

Heres a quick picture of it in action
Vperlqt in action

Mail to: simon@surf.org.uk